Swanson Rink Goes Green

Swanson Rink had a team of 7 runners (and a ‘Leprechaun Leap’ walker) for the 26th Annual ‘Runnin’ of the Green’ 7k race that took place on Sunday, March 16 in downtown Denver. The race celebrates both St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring, with the proceeds benefitting VOA Colorado programs.
This event was a great way to kick off Swanson Rink’s new lunch time run/walk club as part of our ongoing Voluntary Wellness Activity program and also to support our friends at VOA. Swanson Rink continues to encourage community involvement and healthy lifestyles in our employees through a variety of fun activities that are suitable for all interests.

Our team of runners all finished with excellent times; the top 3 Swanson Rink finishers were Josh Armstrong – 33.27, Matt Sellen – 35.33, and Gary Orazio – 37.07. Congratulations to these three and the rest of the Swanson Rink Green Team which included: Rachel Barrett, Kisa Hanlon, Tim Lillehoff, Jim Flint, and Dorothy Lessem.

Date: 03/21/2014

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