Swanson Rink Awards Scholarship to Bannock Youth Center Participant

As you may recall, last summer Swanson Rink held a kickball tournament in order to raise money to establish a scholarship fund for the Bannock Youth Center. The Bannock Youth Center is an organization that is part of VOA Colorado and Swanson Rink has chosen to support this program for the last several years. The Swanson Rink Scholarship Committee worked closely with the case managers at Bannock to establish the guidelines for the Swanson Rink Superior Standards Scholarship, in order to best be able to serve the youth participating in their programs.

Swanson Rink is excited to announce that we have presented the first recipient, Cassandra (Cazi), with the award. Cazi is a student at CCD finishing her general studies in order to pursue Dental Hygienist School and requested a scholarship grant for a lap top to help her through school. Cazi has been working hard over the past 6 years to support herself and make her life better than the one she was given. The Swanson Rink Scholarship Committee sees Cazi not only as an excellent example of someone who has benefited from Bannock's programs, but also a great role model for other youth experiencing some of life’s greater challenges. Cazi has learned what the true definition of family is from the Bannock Youth Center and she plans to continue to stay involved with Bannock and to help mentor other youth through the program.

Swanson Rink plans to continue to grow the scholarship fund so that more youth can achieve their educational goals. The second annual kickball tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 at Cuernavaca Park in Denver. Please contact Amy Greenwood at agreenwood@swansonrink.com for more information.

Date: 03/28/2014

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